A As In Apple, B As In Brown…

Since beginning this blog, I’ve been asked a hundred times, “Why B. as in Brown..?”
So here it is folks – the “why” behind my blog name!

It all started in 2001, when my loving, hard working, one-heck-of-a-fisherman dad began a business… He named it Craig’s Auto Sales. He started out with maybe 5 used vehicles lining our driveway with a small sign in the yard. I was 5 years old at the time and thought it was the coolest thing in the world! Since that day we’ve gone through tons of changes; new buildings, new cities, new employees, and amazing growth!

old carlot signThis picture was taken after we moved to our larger location! You can’t see it here, but our office building was an old single-wide trailer. Check out that sign y’all, my own mother hand-painted that sucker! She used one of those old-school projectors and a template of my dad’s favorite truck model!

I spent almost every day at our carlot until I was probably 18. During those 13 years of helping out, listening to endless conversations, and selling a few on my own, I learned ALL the “car biz” terminology. I picked up on all my dads silly sayings, including asking people “Why so much?” when they’d tell me a total price (thanks dad), and learned to identify every vehicle coming and going down to the make, model, and year. I like to think of it as sort of an unexpected talent of mine.

old carlotThis was taken at the same location as above, but in this one, we have a new office building! We built this after we outgrew the single wide! I had my own “office” at age 10, in the supply closet. I made my own horse themed light-switch cover out of paper, covered the walls in horse posters, and had Breyer  model horses covering the desk!

As a car dealership, you can imagine how many conversations were had with banks and insurance providers. There was one thing that was asked during nearly every conversation… “What’s the VIN number?” That is a 17 digit code used to identify your specific vehicle. Every single car on the road has one of these. They’re usually found on the inside of the drivers side door, or through the lower right-hand side of the windshield on the dash. See how much I know? It’s crazy.

When you’re reading an extremely long number, like a VIN, over the phone to a lender with a terribly static connection, things can get a little jumbled. D’s easily get interpreted as B’s, and M’s and N’s are the worst! As you do this a few times, and go through the hassle of getting it corrected, you learn to prevent the “jumbled” mess. So you then start saying “D as in dog” or “A as in apple”, or since my families last name happens to begin with one of those easily misunderstood letters, “B as in Brown”. Eventually you just end up reading them like this… “1-Green-4-7-Cake-9-3-7-Harry-Zebra-5-8-Brown-1-Tom-2-6”. You skip all the extra wording and just spit out the first word that comes to mind. And they get it! They understand every single word. It makes life a breeze!

carlotThis is our current location. I moved to Morehead for college several years ago, and my dad just couldn’t take it. So he followed. I don’t mind though, I LOVE having our family business in the new city I call home! It’s been an amazing 6 months at the new location and we’re blessed that the community has welcomed us like they have!

So when trying to come up with a clever name for a blog that had personal importance to me, “B. As In Brown” just kept coming up. I would sit and think about it, say it out loud, and type it out. I’d mention it to my friends, google it, and design logos for it. I finally just decided that it was exactly what I wanted. It was easy to remember, had importance to me, and looked SUPER cute typed out in a logo!

I’m only at the lot twice a week now, but I still hear it every single day. And guess what? Last week, while listening in on my dads conversation with a lender, he said it. He said “B as in Brown” when reading the VIN number. I lost it. It was perfect! He hadn’t even saw my blog yet. But now he’s an avid reader (or so he says) and has started calling me “B As In Brown” instead of his normal “pretty girl” or “ni-co-lie” (my middle name, Nicole, sang like the Ricola commercial)… you all know how dads are. LOL

So there it is y’all, the story behind the name. This has been a fun one to write, and has me reminiscing on the good ole’ days! I hope you all enjoyed it!

Much love,






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