Seasonal Sickness & How I Fight It


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Well… aside from the endless seasonal colds, runny noses, and relentless viral bugs. I’m just getting over a 3-day stomach bug that kept me cooped up and lifeless for the entire weekend! I know others are dealing with nasty colds, and folks, quite frankly, it’s all pretty miserable.

I try to take a holistic approach to health in all aspects of my life. And these seasonal ailments are no exception! So what products do I rely on to keep me healthy all year round, and which do I use to get over a sickness? Well, check out my every-ailment must-haves below, and stay healthy and happy all year round!

Staying Healthy All Year Long

I’m in the business of being healthy ALL year-long. I don’t just want a quick fix when things go wrong in my body, I want to treat it before it happens!

My #1 recommendation for daily vitamins and supplements is the Plexus Worldwide company. 100% of my daily supplements and vitamins are Plexus products and have had unbelievable impacts on my body and overall health. I want to keep my immunity in check, always. I am a Plexus Ambassador, and am truly blessed by the opportunities this company has provided to me, for not only my health, but also financially! Check out our products here.

This is my personal stockpile of Plexus! You might call it an obsession…

Here’s what I take daily from Plexus:

Morning: Vital Biome, X-Factor Plus, Bio Cleanse, Slim
Evening: ProBio5, and MegaX

And I take Edge, Ease, and Plexus Body Cream as needed!

These products keep my gut flora healthy and happy, support my immune system, and aid in overall healthy body function. This is key to fighting off the majority of the Winter season’s bugs.

Holistic Remedies for Seasonal Ailments

Common Cold- If you find yourself sniffling, tired, and achy from the common cold, mix yourself up a powerhouse cold fighting drink! I use 1-2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (go for 1 if you don’t take it regularly), 1 cup of hot, filtered water, 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice, and 1 Tbsp local honey. Heat up your water to a rolling boil, let settle for 1 minute, then mix it all together in a mug. Toss it back and follow with a cup of room temperature water to help wash it all down. Save my recipe below, or Pin it for easy access!


My next piece of advice would be lots of rest! I know this one is probably a given, because who doesn’t want to sleep 24/7 when they’re sick, but it’s often overlooked! Shut the blinds, curl up in a blanket, and snooze the day away. But be sure not to over sleep! Too much sleep will leave you feeling lazy and groggy.

Stomach Bug- These holistic remedies are hot off the press, as I just used these to help get over my own little run in with the stomach bug. Tried and true, and Kristin tested!

Nausea: If you’re feeling nauseous, rolling some topical use peppermint essential oil around your nostrils may help to curb this feelings. You might also try putting some in a diffuser, and sitting it nearby. Try it in an herbal, non-caffeinated tea! Too much caffeine will leave you feeling restless during a time when extra sleep in a necessity.

Body Aches: If you’re experiencing some serious body aches following a miserable night of praising the porcelain thrown, try using Turmeric! I make a Chai Tea, and add in a little extra ground cinnamon, along with 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which will also help with swollen and achy joints. You can purchase turmeric capsules from many health stores, and integrate these into your morning routine for daily pain, or as needed!

Turmeric is a wonderful, multi-use spice that you can integrate into your daily cooking as well!

I also use Plexus Ease capsules, as needed, to help alleviate muscle pain and soreness after a sickness. It contains many beneficial ingredients that help to soothe away muscle discomforts.

Appetite: Most of the time, food is the last thing I want during mid-sickness. However, it’s important to keep your body hydrated and nourished while fighting off these ailments. I like to go for soups, since it is a pretty light option, which is key!

I like the idea of this Recovery Soup, from Delicious Obsessions. It’s super simple to make, and includes ingredients that many of us probably have on hand.

recovery soup

Winter’s Everyday Ailments

Are you suffering from winter’s annoying little every day ailments like a dry nose, or aches and pains?

Dry Nose: For a dry nose, try hanging a Eucalyptus stem from your shower head, and turn up the heat! Breathe in the steam, either while showering, or by just sitting in the bathroom with the door closed. You can also do the same by boiling some fresh eucalyptus or oil in a pan, stand over the stove, and breathe in the steam. This is also good for clearing your sinus passages.

Aches & Pains: If you’ve got aches and pains, run a hot bath with either Epsom Salts, or Himalayan Pink Salt. You can also add in some lavender or eucalyptus oil to help you relax and destress. A hot cup of Chai Tea with 1 tsp of turmeric might also help, or try the Plexus Ease capsules. Plexus also offers Ease Cream, which you can use for a more targeted effect.

And of course I should mention that I am obviously not a doctor, health professional, or holistic expert. I just know what works for me and my body. Always consult with your doctor before adding new vitamins or supplements into your routine, and to see if these remedies are safe for you.


Much Love,