Bourbon & Boweties


I just had to share this adorable bangle from Bourbon and Boweties that I found while doing some Christmas shopping at Caskey’s Jewelry, here in Morehead! The selection was amazing y’all! They had every color of the rainbow, tons of different styles, various sizes, and even some matching sets!

Aside from my Christmas shopping, I was also doing some birthday shopping for my bestie, Shantelle. Our styles are very similar and we both tend to love the same things! I decided on a gorgeous antler bracelet for her, along with a unique marble-look beaded bracelet. You can see the antler bracelet and a similar beaded bracelet below!

Obviously, I couldn’t resist and just had to get myself a few pieces. I also got an antler bracelet, and paired it with a beaded bangle. I paired that with a beautiful necklace, with the same bead coloration as the bangle. You can shop the necklace and antler pieces below! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the beaded bangle in the same coloration.

Tallahassee Mimi Necklace and Antler Bangle Bracelet

Since I was doing Christmas shopping, I obviously can’t disclose all the goodies that I bought, just yet. However, I’ve put together a few sets and stacks below, and linked all the products for you guys!

If you haven’t heard of Bourbon and Boweties before today, check out their website and read their story.

The perfect set for holiday parties…

Lola Bangle and Red Pearl Hoop Earrings

– – –

The perfect boho stack…

Antler Bangle Bracelet, Kendley 14 Beaded Bracelet, and Kendley 131 Beaded Bracelet

– – –

The classy set…

Nelson Bangle Bracelet and Kennedy VII Tassle Necklace

– – –

The emerald stack…

Rosalee Bangle Bracelet, Ebbie Bangle Bracelet, and Colin Bangle Bracelet

If you’re in the Morehead area and you’re in the market for some of these gorgeous pieces, Caskey’s Jewelry has a huge selection! You can visit their Facebook page here, to find their location and store hours.

Much Love Y’all,