All Bundled Up

It’s been super cold here in Kentucky lately. Like, so cold that your face starts burning the second you walk out into the wind. But sadly, we’ve only had like maybe 1/2 inch of snow in a 2 month period. I mean, if it’s going to be this cold, might as well throw some snow on top of it! At least it’d give me a reason to pull out my snow boots and sled. While I’m ready for a gigantic snow fall, it would be nice if the temperatures stayed around, say, 50 degrees…? Highly unlikely, I know. But a girl can dream!

I’ve been fighting back in some serious winter gear! I’ve bought more toboggan’s, scarfs, and cozy socks than I ever have before. I invested in my first pair of Sorel boots, and snagged the perfect Columbia winter coat for under $100! So, at least it’s been a successful season for my closet, right?

The specific coat that I’m wearing in the photos above is from GUESS, and is a few years old, but I’ll link some similar ones that I LOVE here —–> Wool Blend Military Coat – GUESS and Asymmetrical Belted Walker Coat – GUESS

I wanted to take some time to share my favorite winter coats with you today on the blog! They’re all under $100, I’ve featured tons of different styles, and they’re all super stylish, yet functional for this chilly weather!

You can shop these coats by clicking on each photo below!


Happy Shopping!


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