Friday Favorites


As much as I would’ve liked for my week to be full of nothing but snow days, I’ve had to get my butt in gear! It’s so difficult to get motivated and get back in the swing of things when all you want to do is play in the snow with your pups and visit with friends. But despite all this, my responsibilities and job still goes on. So here I am, on a snowy Friday, writing this post.

I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in quite some time and honestly, they’re one of my favorites things to write! I get to showcase things that I wouldn’t normally post. I feel like these posts are much more “me”, than my normal fashion post!

This week is all about art! I’ve been on a serious art kick lately, and I can’t wait to fill my home with these colorful pieces! I’ve found a few Kentucky artists, who I’ll showcase for you, along with some others who are just amazing in general.

So here’s my Friday Favorites for this snowy third week of January.

Meghan Cortney Howard (@piecemakermeg)

First, is my dear friend Meg. She has a ton of new pieces, and I’d bring them all home if I could! Here’s a few of my favorites! You can check out all of her stuff on her Instagram, @piecemakermeg. She can do anything from wood burning to making furniture! You can also catch her for a painting class at Pinot’s Palette, here, if that’s your thing. She also sets up at local festivals, so keep an eye on her Instagram for those announcements.


Kayla Weber Nort (@kaylaweberart)

Next up is another Kentucky artist who I stumbled upon on Instagram! She paints beautiful Kentucky scenery, derby themed pieces, and GORGEOUS abstract art! My favorite is the “Whip It Good” print, pictured below! This one is going in my living room, and I can’t wait to show you! You can check out her website here, or her Instagram, @kaylaweberart. She also does custom work, which ranges from pet portraits, to live paintings (perfect for weddings)!



Angela Simeone (@angelasimeoneartistnashville)

Angela Simeone is a Nashville artist who is turning her gorgeous abstract art into active wear! She’s also one that I stumbled upon via Instagram and I’ve been eyeing her site ever since. Below, is my favorite paper print, Southern Fields, and the Blush Graffiti Squiggle Leggings! You can check out her Instagram here, @angelasimeoneartistnashville.


Lex Design Company (@lex_designco)

And lastly, if you’re into calligraphy, anything hand lettered, or Kentucky themed pieces, you’ll love Lex Design Company! There’s Lexington specific pieces, bourbon themed prints, and gorgeous farmhouse prints. My favorite is the pennant stickers, which are perfect for our kayaks! Below, is the pennant design, and my favorite farmhouse print. You can shop the Etsy store, here, and their Instagram at @lex_designco.


That’s all for this week’s Friday Favorites! I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous art pieces, and let me know if you grab any of them for yourself!

Happy Friday,

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